September 2017


New Year, New Milestone:
10,000+ enrolled at UoPeople

Dear Friends,

It is my distinct pleasure to share with you that UoPeople has 10,199 enrolled students this term – Term 1 of the 2018 Academic Year. Reaching this milestone is truly a wonderful way to bring in the new year!  We have often written of our vision for a university of the people, by the people, and for the people. This year, we celebrate that vision and the reality it has become.

UoPeople is an outstanding institution. Our students — drawn from over 200 countries and territories — are admitted based on merit and the belief that anyone willing to learn should have the opportunity to do so. In our programs, they are instructed by volunteers motivated by the noble desire to educate and give back. Furthermore, our students learn from one another through digital discussions and peer assessments, enriching their understanding of the course material as well as the world around them.  

The greatest indicator of our success is our graduates and the lives they build on the foundation of their education. We are extremely proud of our new UoPeople ecosystem, wherein we have hired tens of graduates to work for the university as Program Advisors, supporting the success of current students.

We also take extreme pride in our incredible donors, without whom we wouldn’t have made it to where we are today, and whose contributions demonstrate their faith in our mission and work. Due to our fast growth, 2000 students currently await scholarships. We hope to be able to raise the necessary scholarships to ensure that at no time will anyone be left behind due to financial reasons.

Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to yet another great year!

Shai Reshef
University of the People

How You Can Support UoPeople

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